Leaking Toilet Repairs & Replacements

Experiencing a leaking toilet? This could be a sign that you need toilet repair services or even a complete toilet replacement! Leaking toilets are a maintenance plumbing issue that many individuals attempt to put up with or fix themselves, which can often lead to more issues. The best way to fix a leaking toilet is to hire the fully licensed plumbing professionals at AGC Plumbing to assess your situation and administer the proper repairs to get your toilet back up and running!

Common indicators of a leaking toilet include the toilet leaking water from the base or cistern, water running continuously into the bowl (toilet leaking into bowl), or the toilet making strange or loud noise. Additionally, if your toilet doesn’t flush or if your toilet leaks when flushed, these are also signs of a faulty toilet. All of these issues can be easily fixed by the plumbers at AGC Plumbing to get your leaking toilet back to proper function!

We can assess whether your toilet just needs repairs or a new part, or if you will require a full toilet replacement. A toilet cistern replacement is suitable for most leaking toilet issues, and is a simple fix for if your toilet cistern is leaking.

Replacing a toilet is sometimes necessary if the toilet is broken beyond repair or fully malfunctioning. We can more accurately evaluate your situation on first visit to determine which solution is best for your leaking toilet!

Whether your toilet cistern is leaking or your flush button isn’t working, if you have a leaking toilet, you need to get it fixed – pronto! And who fixes toilets? We do! We service all areas of Metropolitan Sydney and guarantee a high grade of service. Get in touch with AGC Plumbing today and we can organise a visit to repair or replace your toilet!

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