Blocked Drains & Drain Repairs

AGC’s team of professional plumbers can help clear your blocked drains and sewers or repair your drainage system to ensure your plumbing runs efficiently! Whether it’s an urgent plumbing emergency or just a routine check-up, we can ensure your drains are running smoothly and soundly.

Whether it be a sewerage or storm water drain in your home or office, we have the expertise to quickly clear your blocked drains. We have the right equipment and skills to unblock your drains on the spot, without having to dig up your entire plumbing system! We deal with blocked drains and other drain issues across the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

If you are experiencing issues with your drainage, your drain might be blocked due to any number of reasons. Household drains can get blocked due to reasons such as tree roots, excess grease or waste, or sanitary products, which can be hard to clear on your own. Clearing blocked drains immediately is important to avoid any sewerage issues or wasted water! No matter the issue is, we can unblock your drains quickly and thoroughly.

Our process of how to unblock a drain is simple. First, we undertake a thorough assessment of the problem to determine the cause of the blockage. We also inspect the surrounding area to avoid unnecessary digging. Once the problem is identified, we clear the blockage by use of high pressure water jets or an ‘Electric Eel’. We make sure to remove all foreign objects and blockages to clear your drains completely. At this stage, we can also assess whether your drains are cracked or broken, and quote for a full replacement of these lines!

Our friendly plumbers service all areas across Sydney. If you need to clear your blocked drains, get in touch with us today!

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